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Rehabilitative Pilates

As once said by Joseph Pilates: “A man is as young as his spinal column.” Rehabilitative pilates is a great alternative therapy using exercises focussed on core strength and breathing techniques.

St Catharines Rehabilitative Pilates Specialists

Pilates Rehabilitation with Dr. Meredith Hodges

Pilates one of the fastest growing workout routines and is great for fitness, but it is also rapidly becoming a popular alternative therapy for rehabilitation from injuries. At Dalhousie Health and Wellness, we emphasize the importance of using rehabilitative pilates to prevent and treat injuries and to correct posture and alignment. A one-on-one session with Dr. Meredith Hodges, who is trained as a chiropractor and specializes in Pilates rehabilitation, will help you get active and moving when you are injured or in pain. Our muscles tend to weaken over time contributing to muscle imbalance and poor posture, but with pilates this can be improved through low impact exercises. It is also beneficial to incorporate rehabilitative pilates into your recovery as an alternative therapy for muscle injuries to activate the proper muscles to promote fast and efficient healing.


Our Pilates Specialities


Pelvic floor and Postnatal Rehab

Natural changes occur during both pregnancy and delivery that impact your pelvic floor, Therefore, it is important to strengthen those muscles in your lower abdomen during and after pregnancy. Incorporating pilates into your postnatal healing helps strengthen and improve function within your pelvic floor.

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Low Back Pain and Sciatica

It is very common for people to experience lower back pain — up to eighty percent of adults will experience some form of back pain throughout their lives. Using pilates for back pain relief and sciatica will help strengthen and build muscles to improve your core muscles. Rehabilitative pilates involves doing gentle stretches for tight muscles and helps strengthen your core to support your back as well as promotes proper alignment.

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Posture, Alignment, and Core Training

Poor posture puts extra pressure on joints and muscles, contributing to increased tightness and weakness in your muscles. Rehabilitative pilates encourages efficient movement, training our bodies to improve and strengthen the core muscles. In addition, it promotes proper alignment, posture, and it will retrain muscular imbalances.

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Pelvic Floor and Incontinence

Do you ever experience bladder leakage when you cough, laugh, or sneeze? Rehabilitative pilates could be your solution. When building core strength, your pelvic floor muscles are part of the essential group of muscles you will want to concentrate on in addition to the deep muscles of your lower back and abdomen. Your pelvic floor muscles stabilize and support the organs in your lower abdomen. Strengthening these muscles helps to decrease problems associated with a weak bladder.

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Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti is an abdominal condition that can occur in pregnant women. It is the natural separation of the abdominal wall from the midline to create room for the growing fetus. Dysfunction can happen postpartum when the separation does not return to its normal resting position and your stomach still looks pregnant or has a “pooch.” Pilates helps to retrain those core abdominal muscles to promote the abdominal wall to return to its normal position.

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Gentle Movement Therapy

From time to time, you may notice that your muscles feel tight or that you are in pain and you cannot do all the activities that you would like. At Dalhousie Health and Wellness, we offer supervised one-on-one sessions that will get you active and moving in a safe environment. Gentle movement therapy and pilates for injury rehabilitation is a great option of alternative therapy for the injured and the elderly.

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Most people who come for nutritional advice have tried many of the diets out there. After the sparkle wears off, and they just want to eat to be healthy, they feel confused as to what are the healthy rules??
No matter what health concern your dietary strategy may be targeting, there are some foundations that never go out of style.
🍎 Vegetables. I'm not talking about a measly peasly puff of salad as a side. I'm talking AT LEAST 3 cups each at lunch and dinner. They should fill 75% of your plate, and be a wide variety of colours. .
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🍎 Don't eat after 7 pm to give your organs of digestion time to do their thing before sleep. .
🍎I rely on a food intolerance test when we need to dig deeper. It is great for resolving symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, acne, arthritis, eczema, tonsillitis, ear and sinus infections etc..
What nutritious tip do you have that never goes out of fashion? Share below!
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