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Massage therapy is widely known and used to promote relaxation and reduce uncomfortable tension in your muscles. Lymphatic drainage massages take the incredible benefits of massage further, allowing men and women to enjoy incredible detoxification and aesthetic benefits. Receiving a lymphatic drainage massage allows you to cleanse your body’s tissues during all of life’s ups and downs–whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, experiencing unhealthy stress, or feel unbalanced during the change in seasons.

At Dalhousie Health and Wellness, our focus is on detox and purification of the body, leaving you naturally ready to take on any of life’s challenges. A key contributor towards a natural healing process, this gentle-pressure alternative therapy is widely recommended by medical professionals as a natural healing solution.


What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to increase flow through your lymphatic system to naturally neutralize toxins in your body. Your massage therapist will use gentle pressure to redirect fluids towards your lymph nodes. Through lymphatic drainage massage, your massage therapist can target trouble areas in the body where you may be experiencing symptoms of lymphatic dysfunction such as swelling and fluid retention.


How do I know if a lymphatic drainage massage is right for me?

Lymphatic dysfunction, as referred to as lymphedema, is a disorder that reduces or blocks the filtration of toxins leading to uncomfortable swelling. Lymphedema can occur naturally as a hereditary condition. Additionally, it could arise after surgery or radiation that causes damage to lymph nodes as seen in breast cancer treatment. As a result of its powerful ability to encourage quicker healing, a lymphatic drainage massage is often prescribed as a post-surgical therapy plan. Likewise, this treatment can also promote healing if you’ve experienced a sprain, joint injury or sinus inflammation.

Your Niagara Message Specialists

While these are just a few ways a lymphatic drainage massage could help you, we always recommend consulting with our a specially trained lymphatic massage therapist to discuss your unique health needs. At Dalhousie Health and Wellness, you will receive personalized, one-to-one treatment to overcome symptoms caused by lymphatic dysfunction. If you experience uncomfortable swelling and are looking for a natural solution, book a consultation with one of our massage therapists at Dalhousie Health and Wellness. Our relaxing environment and certified massage therapists are dedicated to enhancing your health and well-being with specialized treatment just for you.