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Pilates is one of the best exercises you can do while pregnant. It is a low impact workout that focuses on strengthening your core and the muscles needed during your pregnancy and labour, as well as postnatal care for mothers. Pilates encourages deep breathing, a mind-body connection, and movement to help alleviate physical discomfort and stress. This alternative therapy promotes a safe and optimal delivery and quicker recovery post pregnancy.

Promote proper posture and alignment

As your baby grows, your shoulders begin to hunch forward, your back starts to sway, and your posture becomes unaligned. Your centre of gravity is also affected while pregnant, which can make you feel off-balance. Your body is going through a lot of changes during this time and it can be more difficult to engage your abdominal muscles. Pilates can help improve your balance and spatial orientation to help you feel stabilized and avoid falling.

Even after your baby is born, the pain in your back and shoulders might not go away because you will be using new muscles when caring for your baby. You may find that your upper back is in more pain from cradling and feeding your baby. Pilates will strengthen your abdominal and back muscles and ease your pain.

Strengthen your core muscles

Pilates helps to strengthen key core muscles used during pregnancy and labour, such as your Transverse Abdominus and your pelvic floor. Knowing how to strengthen and use these muscles properly is extremely beneficial, especially when you start having contractions or when you are pushing during active labour. This can also help you avoid any potential tearing or injury. Building up your strength will let you feel in control of your body throughout your labour.

After you give birth, you can often feel a disconnect from your pelvic floor and have a weak lower abdomen. Incorporating Pilates into your pre and postnatal care will help you to heal faster and be ready to care for your newborn with more ease. It is a great way to regain strength in your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and help to support all the new muscles you will be using when taking care of your newborn baby, in addition to getting your pre-pregnancy body back more quickly.

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