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Massage as an alternative therapy has a lot to offer to future mothers. It has been proven that massage therapy is beneficial to the overall health of a soon-to-be mom. Pregnancy massage will help you reduce stress, alleviate aches and pains, and reduce muscle tension. Keep in mind when you are searching for a massage therapist that offers pregnancy massage that practitioners must complete proper courses to offer this service. These additional courses teach the proper positions and techniques for pregnancy massage so you and your baby are comfortable, safe, and you receive a wonderful and relaxing massage experience.

Different From a Regular Massage

The goal of a regular massage and a pregnancy massage is essentially the same, which is to help you relax and relieve any areas of tension or pain. However, a pregnancy massage is tailored to the specific needs that you are experiencing while pregnant. This is a very exciting time in your life but it is also very demanding of your body. With those changes come new aches and pains that would need to be addressed differently from a regular massage.

Benefits of pregnancy massage

There are many benefits to getting a massage while pregnant. Not only will it help you feel relaxed, but it also addresses any areas of tension or pain that you may be feeling, often in your lower and upper back and your hips. This alternative therapy has been proven to help expectant mothers, specifically in their second trimester, to reduce pain and swelling. In addition to helping with any physical pains you are experiencing, prenatal massage also helps to improve your mood, decrease depression and anxiety, and decrease stress hormone levels.

Is Massage Helpful for Labour?

Pregnancy massage will also improve the outcomes of labour and ease labour pains. It prepares mothers-to-be for an easier delivery with sedating effects on the nervous system, promoting relaxation and stress relief. This therapy is a safe, drug-free, and effective treatment that is a great compliment to the care you are receiving from your doctor or another healthcare provider.  

Experience the benefits of a pregnancy massage

At Dalhousie Health and Wellness, we offer pregnancy massage to expecting mothers and provide them with a soothing and safe alternative therapy to relief any pains or tensions that you are experiencing while pregnant. Call us today to schedule a consultation to see how pregnancy massage can improve your pregnancy.