Rehabilitation Pilates

One-on-one Rehabilitation Pilates on the reformer is now available with Dr. Meredith Hodges.

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Meredith is more than excited to add another service to her ever-expanding toolbox of services. She has had this course on her bucket list for 7 years and finally went for it…Dr. Meredith Hodges completed the Stott Pilates Rehabilitation Training Course in the winter session of the 2017. After her second child, Meredith used Pilates to rehabilitate her core and pelvic floor. She has also worked alongside local Pilates studios referring clients for core strengthening and back training. Dr. Hodges feels that Pilates is the perfect marriage between chiropractic and back health. Meredith is now offering one-on-one Pilates personal training at Dalhousie Health and Wellness, and will also be teaching group classes and personal training sessions at the Pilates Emporium.

Pilates is a great form of exercise for injury prevention. It is also a safe way for individuals who are injured (or in pain) to get active again in a professionally supervised one-on-one session. Most injuries that start without trauma are caused by muscle imbalance or postural dysfunction. The Pilates approach can help correct muscular imbalances through low impact focused exercises. If your injury is a result of a slip, fall or trauma then your muscles may be injured and the pain may inhibit their function and limit your strength. Rehabilitation Pilates can encourage the proper muscles to activate and help you heal quickly and efficiently. The focus of all Pilates exercises is on appropriate alignment of the spine and pelvis, with an emphasis on breathing, and core muscle activation. There are countless benefits to training and rehabilitating with Pilates:

  • Core and back strengthening
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of low back pain
  • A fun way to develop strength, flexibility and correct muscular imbalances that can lead to injury
  • Correct postural issues
  • Postnatal rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitate/prevent sports injuries
  • Most extended healthcare benefits will cover Pilates Training Sessions (as you will be working one-on-on with Dr. Hodges it can be billed under chiropractic care)

NOTE: All new patients must have a New Patient History and Physical Examination prior to beginning sessions