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    April Patient of the Month, Debbie Katzman- Heyder

      Debbie has been a long time patient of Dalhousie Health and Wellness. She is a kind, caring, positive and energetic mother of two. She works hard and always puts her children’s needs before her own. A broken ankle isn’t enough to stop this superstar…she is back at the gym rehabilitating her ankle and getting

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  • sciatica lower back pain

    Sciatica: Everything You Need to Know About Sciatica

    Sciatica is a painful condition characterized by irritation of the sciatic nerve, which is a large nerve that originates in the lower back, running through the buttock and down the leg. The word “sciatica” is actually a catch-all term that refers to pain in the legs and lower back. It’s not actually a physical condition

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  • Dalhousie Health and Wellness Patient of the Month

    Dalhousie Health and Wellness Patient of the Month- Joyce H.

      Joyce is Dalhousie Health and Wellness’ March Patient of the Month.  Joyce and her family have been longtime patients of Dalhousie Health and Wellness.  Joyce has participated in Dalhousie Health and Wellness’ Form Fitness Training Camps, she is an avid walker, and participates in weekly Pilates classes at the Pilates Emporium.  Joyce enjoys traveling, paddle boarding,

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  • Dr. Donata Girolamo can help with fertility

    Fertility Check-List

    Dr. Donata has helped many couples improve their fertility and conceive babies in a healthy and natural way, without dangerous hormones and side-effects. Patients report feeling more control throughout the process as stress is managed and overall well-being improves dramatically. A healthy time-frame of 3-9 months of preparation helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and

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  • Bootcamp

    Bootcamps are becoming a popular way to train and keep in great physical condition.

    Bootcamps are becoming a popular way to train and keep in great physical condition.  These high-energy classes generally follow a circuit styleworkout with intense bursts of exercise and short recovery periods.  The bootcamp form of training allows participants to blast calories while building muscle.  The low recovery periods keep the heart rate high allowing one

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  • Acupuncture and Fertility

    How Acupuncture Can Increase Chances Of Conception Without Side Effects

    New research is available showing that acupuncture can be highly effective in treating fertility in both men and women and thus increasing the chances of a couple becoming pregnant. It is being touted today as a new avenue for those having difficulty conceiving, with clinics appearing in major cities providing acupuncture for fertility. Generally, in

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